If you’re looking for a proven way to generate leads, event marketing may be for you.  It’s more than just a good touch point; it can lead to opportunities for the sales team and deepen relationships with existing customers.

To be successful at event marketing, a company needs to have a few things in place.

Customer List – You’ll want to send your invitation to the right folks.  I know it sounds elementary but many organizations neglect maintenance of their contact list.  It can be a tedious task.  However, it is essential to making your event a success.  Assess what kind of shape the customer list is in.  Is all of the contact information up to date? Is the data accurate?  Do you have current e-mail addresses for each contact?

Great Facility – if your building or office has what realtors crave the most, curb appeal, you have a good location to invite customers to your event.  It needs to be clean and presentable to your “guests”. Having the event at your location also saves on room rental expense and opens the door to plant or shop tours.

Solid Brand – a brand that is well-known in your market or geographic coverage area makes recruiting significantly easier.

Content – This is the single most important factor in successful event marketing. Your guests are taking time out of their busy schedule to come listen to you.  They will expect to come away smarter.  What can you say at the event that gives your guests new insights on improving their business?

Event marketing is hard work but it is worth the effort if you want to generate leads.  The companies that I’ve seen stick with this marketing tactic have gone up the learning curve with each event.  So if the first one doesn’t feel like it was a great experience, identify what went well and what could be improved.  Then try it again; that’s continuous improvement!