I’ve met business owners that believe target marketing is a crazy idea.  Why would a business put a constraint on sales revenue growth?  Don’t we want to sell to everybody?

That’s where the misconception may be at play.  Target marketing isn’t about walking away from a sale.  It’s about directing your business development efforts toward prospects that offer the best potential.  The reason is that it pays big dividends by making marketing tactics and messaging much more effective.  Read this blog post to discover five specific reasons why.


Marketing Top 5

1. Better products and services.  Using a pull strategy in new product development is critical to successful business growth.  We learn in Marketing 101 that new products are the lifeblood of every successful company.  It’s a notion the best brands have followed for decades.  Defining the target market and its most important unmet needs is essential to your company’s ability to bring successful products to market.  I saw how well this works when I marketed medical devices.  We sent industrial designers into the field to observe how nurses and respiratory therapists (our target market) used our devices when caring for patients.  Numerous new and innovative product features came from those activities.

2. Retain customers. You work so hard to attract new customers. Companies who have defined their target will hold onto existing customers.  In fact, astute companies make customer retention a top goal.

3. Selection of search terms.  Smart companies aren’t just building a good-looking website.  They’re doing everything possible to drive traffic to the site such as on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO).  That includes identifying the right search terms. As a result, prospects who are Googling for their type of product will find them online.  A better definition of your target audience enables you to make better decisions about the search terms you include in your web content.

4. Group selections on Linked In.  There are over 1.5 million groups on Linked In.  How are you going to decide which ones to join? Assuming you have chosen to participate actively on Linked In, you need to define your target market before you can make good decisions about which groups to spend your time on.  And Linked In isn’t the only social media platform where a well-defined target market will help.  It will also help your brand make the right decisions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

5. Better definition of market need. The golden rule of content marketing is demonstrating that you understand your markets’ needs.  The only way to do that is to define who your target market is (and, of course, how your product meets their need or solves their problem better than any alternative).


When developing your company’s marketing strategy, be sure to remember these important reasons your target market is essential. In fact, I recommend you begin by determining your target market. That’s because so many critical decisions ride on it.

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