Small business doesn’t mean small results when it comes to marketing. The right mix of marketing tactics and customer intelligence has a direct positive impact on the bottom line regardless of company size.  Check out what these small businesses are doing to work smarter, not harder and grow their revenue.

Affinity helps small to mid-size businesses with marketing strategy and tactics

CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE PAYS OFF. How much do you know about the way prospective customers find companies like yours?  If the answer is elusive, just pick up the phone.  That’s what Sign Effectz, Inc. did and what we learned saved the company time and money. 

We identified a small handful of key customers and engaged them in a brief phone conversation about how they used the Internet to source products like the ones built by my client.  

Armed with customer intelligence, we made informed decisions about online marketing tactics.  For example, we put less stock in search engine marketing for key terms since that is not typically what the target audience uses Google for.  They tend to search by company name and not by industry key words.  The best customers still check the business out online; however, they search by company name.  This frees up time to spend on developing quality content for the blog and social media platforms (as well as other offline marketing initiatives). 

NEWSLETTERS. If you’re still mailing hard copy newsletters to your customer base, consider taking it online. There are several benefits.  Metrics are the first one.  E-mail newsletters offer the marketer the ability to easily and quickly measure the performance of their newsletter.  Secondly, they bring traffic directly to your most important marketing tool, your web site.  Lastly, they make it easy for folks who don’t want to receive the newsletter to opt out from receiving it.

The goal of the newsletter is to give your sales organization the all-important touch point it needs between personal visits and other tactics in your integrated marketing communications.  I also suggest using customer polls to learn about the types of content or subject matter that your customer base wants to hear about.  Marketing tactics like the e-mail newsletter won’t make an impact unless they deliver customer-focused and highly relevant content. 

BUILDING AWARENESS. Public Relations is a great integrated marketing tactic for building awareness of your brand.   And one of the most common methods is the Press Release. To reach thousands of online news outlets with your announcement, utilize PR Web. 

PR Web is an Internet-based press release distribution platform.  And it’s priced so it won’t dig deep into your marketing budget.  It delivers press releases to thousands of online media sites quickly.  A healthy portion of those sites pick up your release, sharing it with all of their site visitors.  That’s a great way to get much-needed online exposure to your new product announcement. 

It’s also a good way to build back links to your web site as it allows you to embed several links into your press release, delivering potential visitors to your web site and helping with search engine performance. 

The PR Web online system is easy to use.  It only takes a few steps to upload your text, photo and attachment. From there, make a few region and target industry selections.  But be sure to have your release written, reviewed and approved in advance, making it much easier to upload.

Press releases aren’t advertisements.  Therefore, make sure you have something newsworthy about your company to announce.  This is critical whether you use PR Web or any other platform. Besides a new service offering, other ideas for press releases include new key employees, new strategic partnerships or new business expansions. The language in the release cannot come across as promotional or sales oriented.  

ONLINE REVIEWS. Customers who experience great customer service and superior products are going to tell their friends, both online and off line.  Strong online reviews are very effective in building credibility.  According to a study by, “Among online shoppers surveyed, online ratings and reviews were cited as the most influential source of information when making online (33%) and in-store purchases (24%).“  Find a creative way to ask for reviews from customers.

These are just a few examples of what marketing tactics are working in small business marketing.  Contact Affinity to discuss what would work for your business.