Why is it important for company leadership to support the marketing team with customer visits? This blog post explores this topic and offers suggestions.

If you’re in a leadership role and you haven’t shaken hands with a customer lately, it’s probably time to get out of the office.  It demonstrates your support for the marketing team as well as the sales team.  Here are 5 good reasons (in no particular order) why you want to start planning your next customer visit.

marketing team

Reduce surprises – Surprises in business development are generally something to avoid.  Meeting directly with customers often gives them the forum to express concerns about your product or company.  Some folks just don’t pick up the phone so you need to make it easy for them to communicate issues with you.  Go see them!

Uncover new opportunities – You’ll be in a much better position to help your company cross sell or up sell if you see how your customers use your product in their environment.  In terms of new product development, you may even observe new uses of your product.  Or get ideas for new products when you see some of the problems your best customers are up against.

Demonstrate to the customer how important they are – Nothing speaks more volumes about how you value your customer’s relationship than by taking the time to go visit them.  You may even hear the ultimate comment, “we’re impressed you came out to see us.  No one else ever has.”

Build internal relationships – You’ll get to know your sales representatives on a deeper, personal level because during your trip there will be opportunities to share a meal with them.  Use this time to get to know them better.

Improve your business acumen – Good business people recognize that they are continually learning.  Meeting new business people opens the door to potential learning opportunities.

Your job as leader is to be proactive so get out in the field!