An outsourced marketing firm works the same way in-house marketing departments work, minus the overhead. It’s no wonder more businesses are turning to outsourced marketing to grow profitable revenue and build brand awareness. It offers the advantages business owners seek. Effectiveness. Efficiency. Economy.

michael quill's outsourced marketing firm meets with client EFFECTIVENESS

Great marketing aligns with overall business goals. And high-level marketing experience brings strategic and tactical expertise. That’s because it ensures that marketing supports company objectives.

Oftentimes, business leaders have paradigms about growth that need to be challenged. Having an executive-level marketing professional around provides a new look at paradigms that are getting in the way of company growth.

Another challenge faced by many business leaders is making the right marketing decisions. For example, there are many marketing tactics from which to choose. Because of their deep experience, outsourced marketing experts cut through all the noise. They provide invaluable guidance in making the right brand choices and determining the right promotional mix.

It’s important to point out that your marketing tactics should be integrated with one another. Marketing is most effective when its main messages are integrated into a multi-pronged marketing mix. Combine it with other marketing and business development efforts for maximum effectiveness. An outsourced marketing firm like ours can guide you in this process.


Now more than ever, continuous improvement is essential. Outsourced marketing professionals are skilled at monitoring marketing performance and adjusting where necessary. Digital marketing is especially measurable, giving businesses plenty of opportunities to continually improve messaging, timing and other key marketing variables.

A seasoned marketing expert is efficient and knows how to manage profitability. From a budgeting standpoint, they help business owners decide how and where to spend precious marketing resources (humans, time and money).


Outsourcing allows you to access the right amount of marketing assistance. For example, a marketing professional on retainer part-time provides high level management skill sets without the cost of a full-time employee. Businesses are experiencing uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, closely monitoring overhead is a welcome opportunity.

Astute companies know that just because times are tough, they shouldn’t sacrifice marketing. Reducing or pulling back on investing in growth can make it extremely hard to rebound when the new normal arrives. Outsourced marketing is the right economical solution. It ensures your team has the marketing experience and skills to grow your business without compromising the P & L.

Outsourced marketing isn’t about replacing personnel. It’s about the value that comes from having the right amount of marketing horsepower.


Strategic and tactical marketing can be a challenge for overworked business owners. Persistence, vigilance and customer insights are essential to successful marketing implementation. Affinity’s outsourced marketing services deliver results.

How does outsourced marketing work? Contact Affinity today for an assessment of your marketing to learn more.