Choosing Affinity enabled this premium priced manufacturing company near Milwaukee, Wisconsin to concentrate on their core strength, which is to develop and close sales revenue. They know Affinity is there to help with brand growth and provide a reliable marketing process.  Services include: Outsourced Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing Plan, Marketing Calendar, Social Media


  • Client: Manufacturing Company near Milwaukee
  • Affinity’s Marketing Services: Outsourced Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing Plan, Annual Marketing Calendar, Social Media

Background: This client is a pioneer in industrial work holding and automation technology. It is a premium, global manufacturer known for its complete line of innovative, future-oriented products. It is focused on growing its brand in the US and company leadership is committed to leveraging its market
position as a pioneer.

Solution: The company brought in Affinity’s outsourced marketing management specialty to work alongside its business development team in the creation of a strategic marketing plan. They also took the team approach to developing an annual marketing calendar and social media calendar. The calendars are used to ensure that marketing activities are completed on time and everyone is on the same page.

Results: Choosing Affinity has enabled company sales and customer service personnel to focus on their core strengths and goals, which is to develop and close sales revenue. They know that marketing is there to help them grow their brand. The company economically added marketing to its set of competencies. The marketing calendar communicates who will do what and on what time frame. It ensures that deadlines are met and workflow is managed properly. The company quickly established and maintains a growing social media presence with a consistent flow of audience-centric, engaging content. Prior to working with Affinity, it built a solid following on Instagram and has now added Facebook and Linked In. Noticeable improvements have been made to the content on the company website and trade show program.