When you love marketing as much as I do, helping clients is truly a labor of love. That’s why I’m so excited about Affinity Strategic Marketing, Inc. celebrating its ten-year anniversary. I have the same commitment to providing results-driven outsourced marketing services today that I had on day one.

This firm has become a valuable resource to clients that require proven marketing strategies and tactics to profitably grow their business. Working together, we did it by integrating traditional and digital marketing techniques that generate results. And by demonstrating a solid commitment to continuous improvement.

It starts with setting goals. After all, they drive behavior and motivate the team toward success. Measuring and tweaking on a regular basis means each iteration of our marketing content is better than the last. Consequently, it’s extremely gratifying to see the growth in the client’s market presence that stems from their investment in marketing.

Thanks to their success, Affinity has become known for helping companies develop their own unique, sustainable content marketing and branding process. Clients have proven that there is real value in accessing only the amount of marketing help they need to grow. They’ve shown that ‘renting’ a marketing expert on a part-time retainer is a viable solution to achieving their business objective.

The firm serves clients in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, industrial and retail. Although many of them are located in southeast Wisconsin, Affinity is set up to deliver its outsourced marketing services remotely in order serve clients outside Wisconsin.

Regardless of where they’re located, clients have one common characteristic: they appreciate how strong campaign implementation by Affinity produces measurable results. It’s about taking their marketing communications to a new level.

Here’s to another ten years of delivering outsourced marketing services that produce results!

Michael Quill