Often, small-to-mid-sized organizations find themselves at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to marketing horsepower. Marketing leadership, expertise and follow through are missing.

Strategic planning and campaign implementation require a high level of skill and experience. This creates a dilemma for the business owner. Bring on the high-level talent they need and stress their budgets. Or settle with the personnel already on board and risk making the wrong decisions.

Having a marketing professional on retainer part-time provides you with higher level management talent at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. It allows you to build your internal team with a growth-oriented specialist applying their skills to growing your business.  They bring a fresh pair of eyes helping you explore new possibilities for growth.

Outsourced Marketing Management

Affinity brings the skills and experience to provide the leadership your organization needs, including:

  • Providing strategy & direction to business owners

  • Improving efficiencies and lowering costs
  • Refocusing your marketing efforts on revenue generation
  • Creating meaningful metrics and reports and improving accountability within your organization

  • Promoting customer engagement and ensuring a positive customer experience
  • Establishing departmental systems and processes
  • Developing & implementing a marketing plan
  • Coordinating a product launch
  • Re-thinking marketing communication delivery methods and content
  • Raising your brand’s profile within your industry

  • Preparing and delivering executive level presentations


Each Outsourced Marketing engagement is structured to match the client’s unique situation. It may include one or more onsite days per week, regularly scheduled strategic calls, and access via phone and email.

Outsourcing with Affinity Strategic Marketing also gives you access to a stable of proven professionals in other marketing disciplines. This includes market research, graphic design, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), promotional products & more.

We have a proven method for preventing marketing initiatives from falling through the cracks or dying on the vine. We’ll monitor marketing performance so you know how your marketing investment is working or not. If not, we’ll help you determine why. And we’ll capitalize on what is working.

Bring in Affinity to help with marketing decision-making and follow through. Expect more from marketing.

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Affinity Strategic Marketing, Inc. can help your company grow revenue, reach new markets, build awareness and create an action plan to make it happen. Get in touch if you need to develop a new marketing plan, tweak your current plan or fix a problem with your marketing