Affinity’s outsourced marketing management helped this well-established manufacturer near Milwaukee solve their biggest marketing challenges. They reaped the benefits of an in-house marketing expert at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Services included: Outsourced Marketing Management, Marketing Calendar, E-mail Marketing, Social Media, Media Relations


  • Client: The Industrial Controls Company, Inc.
  • Affinity Service: Outsourced Marketing Management, Annual Marketing Calendar, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Management, Media Relations, Web Content Management

Background: ICC is a well-established, growth-oriented process control system design and manufacturing company located in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Their leadership is passionate about building and maintaining a unique position in a highly competitive environment. There are very low barriers to entry in this type of manufacturing; just about any group with an electrical background can start a company. However, ICC has succeeded in positioning itself as the expert. It delivers a high level of customer service, provides a dedicated and experienced engineering staff and maintains critical certifications, such as those governing hazardous environments. The company is often in the position of turning down inquiries from the price-driven portion of the market.

Solution: ICC added Affinity’s outsourced marketing management specialty to its business development team. This has enabled ICC to have its field sales team work in tandem with an experienced B2B marketing manager without adding a full-time employee to the company staff. Affinity performs marketing management duties on a part-time basis at a fraction of the investment a full time marketing professional would cost.

Results: The company reaped the benefits of their own in-house marketing expert without adding to company overhead. It ensured that marketing initiatives delivered the results they expected rather than lose steam or fall through the cracks. It helped company leadership make important strategic marketing decisions. Affinity brought a working knowledge of the business and the industry to help them solve their biggest marketing challenges.