Not all marketing content is created equal.  But if you set your standards reasonably high, you increase your odds of producing content that will connect with your audience.  You’ll get the levels of customer engagement every marketer desires.

Your content will be a vehicle for keywords and getting good search results.  But impressing customers with your industry expertise and making it easy for them to read and/or view your marketing content, means it has to be good.  Make sure your audience finds your content:

  • Valuable
    • Prospects find value in different things.  If they’re investing the time to read your content, they should walk away from the experience with something of value.  For example, this is where “how-to” lists can educate a prospect on a simple task.  Every spring, gardeners all over the country prepare their gardens for growth using tools, fertilizers, etc.  A garden tool company would be well-served by offering a “how to” article on spring time preparation techniques.  The article serves dual purposes: provide tips the reader finds valuable and potentially stimulate demand for the company’s tools.
  • Unique
    • More and more marketers are producing content to build their brand, which will make it harder to be unique.  Know your market and understand what subjects or content formats are being used in your industry.  Then get creative and do something different!
  • Easy to Digest
    • Written content such as case studies should utilize visuals, headings and sub-heads to make them easier to read. Short videos are easy for your audience to view.  They’re ideal for expert interviews, product endorsements or customer testimonials.  And since You Tube drives a great deal of web traffic, video makes a great content format. Infographics are another popular way to present content that is based on research studies or data.   Be sure to draw out the main takeaways from the research for your reader.
  • Inspirational
    • Motivational or inspirational quotes are a very common form of content.  You’ll find them all over social media.  That’s because a good quote can deliver a lot of meaning in a short phrase.
  • Relatable
    • Tell your story in a conversational tone.  Writing good marketing content is not the time to speak in corporate lingo.  It’s an opportunity to show your personality and relate with your target market one-to-one.  It will encourage visitors to spend more time on your site.
  • Solution-oriented
    • Offer tips to solve the challenges your audience encounters.  The golden rule for content is to demonstrate that you understand your customers’ problems and have the know-how or the product to solve them.  It establishes the credibility needed to set your brand apart.