A company website is an essential part of your go-to-market strategy. However, nothing beats a LinkedIn company page as an economical way to continually reach your audience with targeted messaging, engage with customers and support candidate recruitment.


One of your first primary goals should be to attract followers. There are a number of ways you can build the audience for your company page on LinkedIn:

  • Page admins can invite their connections to follow your page
  • Employees can include a link to the company page in their company email signature
  • Add a Follow Us button to your website
  • Link to the company page in your e-newsletter
  • Include the LinkedIn logo on all of your company brochures, sell sheets and other sales literature


Posting on your LinkedIn page is a great way to provide exposure to your marketing content and brand.

Remember that social media marketing is not “set it and forget it”. Be prepared to make timely responses to comments. Participate on a consistent basis. Companies with vacant pages suffer brand damage.

The good news is that useful tools like a Social Media Calendar and scheduling platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer help ensure posts are delivered on a consistent basis. Buffer will even suggest the best time to share a post.

Avoid being overly promotional with your posts. It’ll turn followers off. Good content informs. It answers questions that your customers and prospects have about your products or services. It helps build their confidence in doing business with you.

Employees want to feel valued by their employers. Share relevant posts that selected employees to make on their own LinkedIn profile about topics related to your audience. Enlist employees as ambassadors of your brand. Encourage them to consider engaging with company posts with a like, share or comment.

Add a branded banner image and your company tagline. You can upload a banner image to your page that visitors will see each time they access your page. And LinkedIn added the ability to enter your company’s tagline. I encourage you to take advantage of these little, but meaningful, opportunities to expose your brand elements.


Your LinkedIn followers already have an interest in your products and services. Reaching out to them through your LinkedIn company page will help you meet attendance goals at your events, webinars, conferences and trade shows.


Be sure to select categories for you company page. You can add up to 20 of your company’s specialties when you create your page and edit them later as needed. They enable people to find your company page.

If you use Google Analytics, you can also analyze the behavior of social traffic once they reach your website.


I’m impressed with how easy LinkedIn now makes it to review several key metrics of your top competitors. Under the Analytics tab, page admins can specify selected competitors. LinkedIn will present the total number of followers, total engagements and total posts. They even show how many new followers each competitor gained.


In the current job market, candidates hold the upper hand. As a result, companies need every tool possible to compete for the best job candidates.


A great LinkedIn company page generates numerous opportunities for engaging in dialog with your customers, prospects, suppliers and employees. So make sure it’s part of your strategic marketing plan.

You don’t have to advertise on LinkedIn in order for your company page to work well. Your company page can be managed organically.

And because we’re talking social media marketing, it’s highly measurable. Take advantage of the key performance indicators to know what’s working and what needs improvement. I especially like the visual analytics LinkedIn provides on company pages.

To achieve success, follow the above suggestions and pepper in a good dose of creativity!