Word-of-mouth doesn’t work anymore. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, you have to be proactive in getting your integrated marketing communications in front of decision-makers.

You want to reach your target market at the right time with the right message. And you want to do it cost-effectively. Using our proven integrated marketing approach, we help you develop consistent marketing messages and distribute them across all of your marketing channels. Success comes from having the right combination of integrated marketing communications.

We’re not talking about a one-off project. We’re talking about how marketing supports each stage of the sales pipeline with the right tactics. Continually monitoring and improving your marketing communications tools are essential.


marketing content

We’ll write the marketing content for you. That includes your web copy, newsletter and blog. Need video or visual graphics, we’ll find the right professional to tell your story. Let Affinity be your source for great marketing content!

Today’s customer wants a supplier who understands their challenges. That’s where marketing content is critical. Great marketing content lets customers know you get it. This is your chance to show how good you are at solving customer problems.

press releases

Many editors welcome content from members of the industry. They recognize the value of subject matter experts and make room in their publications and on their web sites for their articles.

Someone in your organization is an expert. Why not leverage that expertise with earned media?

With a proven track record, Affinity will help you build media relationships. We’ll research media outlets in your industry and advise you on how to match your expertise with the editor’s need for good quality content. Don’t worry if writing isn’t your strong suit, we do the writing. And we distribute the articles. You just have to provide your industry knowledge.

We can also help you reach online and traditional media with your most important company news. Launching a new product or a new strategic partnership? Let’s announce it to the right people! We’ll manage the entire process for you, from writing a press release, distributing it and analyzing the results.

Expose your brand on a regional and national level!

email marketing

Give your sales organization an important touch point between personal visits with e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is a measurable and effective way to stay on your prospect’s radar.

E-mail marketing drives traffic to your website, your organization’s most important Internet marketing tool. It also creates opportunities for the front end of your sales pipeline and promotes your industry expertise.

Affinity will help you determine the optimal frequency for your campaigns, write articles, upload your contacts and send your campaigns. Every e-mail campaign is monitored. We analyze the open rate, bounce rate and click through rate. That data is used to improve future campaigns.

social media management

Does social media have value in B2B marketing?

Yes. In today’s digital culture, social media marketing is an essential component in the success of your brand. One-way marketing isn’t acceptable. With social media in their marketing mix, companies are having conversations with their customers, prospects and potential employees. This dialog brings a whole new level of market understanding and engagement.

And social media isn’t just a marketing tool. It also delivers results for customer service and recruiting.

Not sure which social media channels are right or what you should say? Affinity can help you address these challenges. We’ll brainstorm with you on content, make posts and plan the frequency of your participation.

Our role is to help you establish a successful social media presence. We’ll learn your business, products and target market. Affinity will work with you on building an audience, engaging them and measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

If your marketing plan requires integrated marketing communications not listed above, we have access to a stable of marketing professionals to bring in.

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