How do you know if outsourced marketing is right for your business? The short answer is that growth marketing is essential to a healthy business. And outsourced marketing is a viable solution. You get just the amount of marketing support your company needs.

In this post, we describe the types of companies that benefit from growth marketing services like ours.

What kinds of companies does Affinity Strategic Marketing work with?

Our best clients are companies that recognize how vital it is to grow their business by improving their marketing. They view marketing as an investment in their growth.

Although many clients operate in a B-2-B (business–to-business) environment, we’ve helped B-2-C (business-to-consumer) companies as well. That’s because both arenas have much in common when it comes to marketing strategy and marketing implementation.

Industry experience includes:

  • Manufacturing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Industrial controls
  • Automation
  • Machine shops
  • Construction
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Medical devices
  • Professional services
  • Consumer services

As a growth marketing services firm, we assist small to mid-sized companies located in southeast Wisconsin as well as across the country. Some clients have a marketing department while others don’t. In any case, we assist with marketing strategy and implementation.

How do we work with our clients?

We work closely with the business owner or a high-level executive in all cases. Depending on how much marketing help is needed, we work with the entire marketing team.

Can you help my company make strategic marketing decisions?

It takes a lot longer to get where you’re going if you don’t plan. Working with us, we’ll help you make the tough marketing decisions. Our experience is in helping companies develop a rock-solid growth plan and then digging in to implement it. Although every strategic marketing plan has goals and tactics, each plan is unique.

Of course, we’re not completely beholden to the plan. We’ve helped clients capitalize on opportunities that weren’t in the plan but were considered highly attractive. That’s because our presence expands the client’s horsepower, enabling them to shift gears when needed.

Clients count on us to help them figure out what to say about themselves as well as when and where to say it. Company owners and their leadership teams appreciate having a strategic marketing plan as their roadmap for growing the business.

How do you get started with a growth marketing services firm?

We have a proven process and customizable tools to bring out the best in your organization. You don’t have to go it alone. It’s on us to facilitate the process.

The bottom line. An outsourced marketing firm delivers the results you need without the overhead.

To get started, give us a call or an email. Let’s review your goals and challenges and map out the customized marketing game plan that will grow your business.