Astute companies view marketing as an investment in growth.  They monitor the performance of their investments periodically.  Because marketing ROI (return on investment) is strategically important, data driven marketing decisions are part of their culture.

Here are the fundamental building blocks of knowing if marketing dollars are being spent wisely and are serving the company’s business plan.

Set Objectives & Goals

Plan your marketing with your eye on a specific Objective and Goal. In fact, these are two of the most important elements in your strategic marketing plan because they are meant to drive behaviors toward a desired end point.  Objectives (“Grow Revenue”) are broad in nature and the goals spell out the specific measure and timeframe (“Build market share from 20% to 25% next year”).  With goals established, your team can determine the mix of marketing tactics and budget that will support the goal.

Monitor Regularly

When it comes to great marketing, “set it and forget it” does not apply.  Therefore, successful marketing implementation requires regular monitoring and analysis.  It also helps ensure that marketing serves the company’s business plan.

data for marketing decisions

Leverage Data Science, Intel and Analysis

It’s easy to generate data without insights, but you cannot gain insights without data. How do you turn data from multiple sources, systems and formats into better marketing decisions?

We believe that you possess “the knowledge in the room”. Most of all, our data science amplifies your teams’ ingenuity and creativity by turning data into actionable business intelligence.


Marketing data is scattered across multiple assets and supporting systems. Bring data from multiple sources, systems and file formats together to visualize patterns and gain greater insights.


Quickly discover what is and is not working.  As a result, you can communicate a common truth to your entire team, focus on action and solve difficult business problems.


Use historical data and modeling analysis to suggest probable future outcomes. Turn your data into the intel your competition can only dream about. What questions do you need answers to?

Contact Affinity to discover how a complementary data quality analysis can propel your marketing to the next level.