Q: Why is outsourced marketing management good for my business?

A: Business owners can expect an outsourced marketing manager to be an economical alternative to a full-time employee. An outsourced marketing manager is accountable for helping make strategic decisions as well coordinating your marketing activities, monitoring your results and improving your marketing effectiveness. Consequently, they’re the go-to person for all of the company’s marketing challenges and opportunities. Small to mid-sized businesses access the right amount of their skills because they “rent” the outsourced marketing manager rather than bring them on as a full-time employee.

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Q: How do I know if my organization needs Outsourced Marketing Management?

A: You’ll know if your organization experiences any combination of these symptoms:

  • Marketing efforts don’t work
  • Marketing initiatives lack follow through
  • Sales and marketing aren’t aligned
  • Can’t afford a full time marketing employee

  • No marketing measurements are in place

Q: How do I know when my company needs a strategic marketing plan?
A: There are times when it is critical to have a marketing plan. Here are three key times:

  • 1
    Part of the yearly budgeting/planning process. A good marketing plan will paint a picture of what success will look like and how much to invest in marketing.
  • 2
    Turning strategic opportunities into reality. Before a company introduces a new product or service, it must think through the target market needs, the timing of the launch, the set of marketing tactics needed to support the launch, the product’s market position, etc. These are all spelled out in the marketing plan.
  • 3
    Fixing a problem / challenge. Poor sales performance, chasing the wrong goals, no measurements to drive behavior, reaction to a change in market conditions, the entry of new competitors all necessitate the creation of a marketing plan.

Q: What types of clients do you work with?

A: Most of our clients are small to mid-size companies that commit themselves to improving their marketing, growing their market presence and being more competitive. Clients are usually B-2-B (business–to-business). However, many of the marketing processes and tools we use apply to B-2-C (business-to-consumer). Our clients have one thing in common – they recognize that marketing is an investment in their growth.

Q: What industries has Affinity worked in?

A: Manufacturing, Distribution, Medical Devices, Commercial Safety Products, Commercial Cleaning Products, Non-Profit, Service Organization, Automotive, Entertainment, and Education. For more information on the industries we work with and the companies that have used our marketing services, check out our Case Studies.

Marketing Goals & Measures - Affinity Strategic Marketing Inc.

Q: What marketing activities do you do?

A: We perform the following marketing work:

  • Business Plan Review
  • Outsourced Marketing Management

  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Press Releases & Media Relations
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Management

If your business requires other marketing specialists, we assist in finding and vetting them for you. We have relationships with professionals in other marketing disciplines that can be brought in where needed.

Q: What steps do you take when developing a strategic marketing plan?

  • 1
    Current Situation Review: Includes a review of your organization inside and out to identify strategic competencies and what makes the company unique. Scan your competitive environment.
  • 2
    Opportunity Identification, Target Market(s) and Strategy: In this stage, we define your target market and determine an optimal position for your organization in the marketplace.
  • 3
    Goals & Measures: Setting Marketing Goals and Measures for growth will drive your organization toward success. Having a destination can be a very motivating factor.
  • 4
    Marketing Tactics and Action Plan: With the three previous stages in hand, a company is ready to select the right mix of marketing tactics to grow the business profitably.

Q: Is Affinity an advertising agency?

A: Affinity is not an ad agency. Affinity will help manage your marketing vendors like an advertising agency, graphic designer, SEO specialist or web developer.

These professionals provide valuable marketing services. They tend to be project-oriented, which is different than Affinity. It’s our role to facilitate their efforts and help you leverage their contributions, depending on your specific marketing needs.

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Affinity Strategic Marketing, Inc. can help your company grow revenue, reach new markets, build awareness and create an action plan to make it happen. Get in touch if you need to develop a new marketing plan, tweak your current plan or fix a problem with your marketing