This custom sign manufacturing company in Milwaukee, WI brought in Michael to facilitate the development of its business plan. Affinity’s planning process includes everything from situation analysis to operational action plan.  To help the company drive growth, he periodically reviews plan status with company leadership. He also facilitates SWOT analysis sessions when needed. Services include: Strategic Business Plan, Status Updates, Goal Setting & Progress Review.


  • Client: Sign Effectz, Inc. located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Affinity Service: Business Strategy

Background: Founded in the mid-1990’s, this custom manufacturing company recognizes the importance of having a strategic business plan. Advantages include driving goal-oriented behavior, promoting team buy-in and providing direction for the company’s staff.  Since the company culture includes a commitment to continuous improvement and growth, its staff was well-prepared for this important initiative.

Solution: Michael facilitated the team’s efforts to develop the company’s strategic business plan, leveraging the industry knowledge and experience of the company’s core employees.  The process included several major steps:

  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Determine the company’s overall business strategy
  • Establish company goals
  • Create business plan complete with operational goals and action items (tasks)

Michael continues to work directly with the company’s owners in the quarterly business plan status updates.  This consists of a review of progress toward goals. The SWOT analysis is utilized when there are strategic decisions to made in key areas affecting the business.

Result: Progress toward goal achievement is monitored on a regular basis, giving company leadership peace of mind.  Improvements have been made to operations, culture, profitability and sales revenue. The company has successfully launched and completed a number of strategic initiatives in the last eight years.

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