Affinity Helps National Trade Association Tell Its Brand Story

Affinity helped this national trade association tell its brand story, launch its new web site, develop engaging content and manage its media relations for maximum impact. Services include: Social Media, Press Releases, Blog Writing, Copy Writing


  • Client: National Trade Association
  • Affinity Services: Media Relations, Social Media Management, Press Releases, Marketing Content, Reinvigorated Social Media Presence

Background: Founded in the early 1970’s, this trade association dedicated itself to being an educational resource for the sign manufacturing industry. Its nationwide membership included over 1,000 small to mid-sized companies.

The association’s goal is to advocate for and provide professional growth opportunities, positive public
perception, and ongoing educational and training programs. Among the association’s major initiatives:

  • Produce an annual international trade show Research and publish technical and professional manuals
  • Provide current information concerning industry trends, products and practices
  • Participate in issues involving legislation, zoning, and land-use planning


Result: Michael played a key role in managing and launching the association’s new website, including writing copy, writing blog posts and managing the site’s marketing content. He has also deepened the association’s media relations by writing, delivering and following up on over a dozen press releases,
which have been picked up in industry media. He wrote and published blog posts. He helped re-establish the association’s social media platforms according to its new brand strategy.

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