Let’s face it. Small-to-mid-sized companies are at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing. Members of the leadership team wear many different hats. Consequently they’re stretched too thin to spearhead marketing. Astute companies outsource marketing to alleviate this situation.  They do it for a number of reasons.  Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why outsourced marketing brings a ton of value.


Get only the amount of help your business needs, no more, no less. A marketing professional on retainer part-time provides high level management talent at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. It allows a small to mid-sized company to keep overhead in check.

It’s an economical solution that puts a growth specialist on your team.  Their role is to put marketing experience and skills to work for you, growing your business. And not just the top line. A seasoned marketing expert is efficient and conscious of the bottom line as well.


An outsourced marketing firm brings fresh eyes helping you explore new possibilities for growth. Oftentimes, business leaders have paradigms about growth that need to be challenged. Having an executive-level marketing professional around can provide a new look at paradigms that are getting in the way of expanding the company.

Another challenge faced by many business leaders is making the right marketing decisions. For example, there are many marketing tactics from which to choose. Put a marketing expert on your team that has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of marketing. They’ll steer you away from making the same failures as other organizations.


If your business doesn’t have a marketing plan, what’s your roadmap for growth?  An outsource marketing professional with leadership skills can facilitate the creation of your plan and stick around to implement it. From a budgeting standpoint, they help decide where to spend precious resources (humans, time and money).


Since I become part of your team, I learn your business. The marketing plan I build for you is tailored to your business goals and industry, charting a path for growth, aligning your team members and effectively allocating scarce resources. Most markets today are hyper-competitive. I’ll help you determine your competitive advantage and communicate it to your target market. I’ll make sure marketing initiatives don’t fall through the cracks.

Strategic planning and marketing implementation can be a challenge for overworked business owners. Persistence, monitoring and customer insights are essential to successful marketing.

However, I’ve seen that a constant stream of business issues demands the owner’s attention, preventing them from gaining marketing traction. Tapping into an experienced marketing professional for just the right amount of assistance takes the hassle out of marketing.

You’re an expert at what you do. Why not bring in a marketing expert to help?

A note about outsourced marketing. I don’t replace marketing personnel. In fact, I work side by side with full-time marketing employees, augmenting the company’s horsepower.